The Chase – The Promo Bay

On Monday 20 I sent TPB team an email, a shot in the dark. When I had a reply saying that they liked it and I’d have a worldwide display on The Pirate Bay homepage, I pulled off my hair. I think its been a while since I’ve opened my eyes that wide.

Now The Chase is having massive exposure. They gave me the opportunity to be part of this amazing project called The Promo Bay, in which emerging artists and their work are shown to the people. I’m so damn happy. This is the kind of things you were not expecting in life, I guess. And people seem to love the short film. That was unexpected too.

Thank you, TPB

20 comments on “The Chase – The Promo Bay

  1. I’m sooo goddamn excited for you man!!!

    Please keep me posted on whatever progress you get.

  2. hello, can you make a torrent of it? i live in country with very slow DL speed so streaming is out of option to watch video :(


  3. Great job dude. I enjoyed it.

  4. the download didn’t work they are asking to sign in on mediapro

  5. what a great job :) congratulations! keep up the fabulous work :)

  6. Hey bro this is a greatest independent animation movie i have ever seen, background score is amazing, visuals are stunning i would like to know what’s in that case and also brief me the story line if possible nevertheless it’s a great movie i am also eagerly waiting for part two.

  7. Great job! Magnifico! People have to start somewhere. May this coming year bring you even more exposure and opportunities!

  8. Well done! And thanks to TPB for turning me onto your project!

  9. > oh, I’m not sure how to make that. What about the Downlaod button??

    Would you object to The Chase being made available via torrent? Download here is very slow, I’d be happy to create a torrent once my download is complete given your permission.

  10. Hi, there’re already a couple of torrents available:


    Glad to be of help.

  11. Would you recommend using blender? I am just curious because it is free…

  12. TPB brought me here. Very cool short film. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

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