The Chase – Now Online

Finally made it. My short film is now online! Check it out

95 comments on “The Chase – Now Online

  1. hola hermano espero que estes muy bien, yo soy mexicano y tengo 22 años, me llama mucho la intencion las ganas y dedicacion que le pusiste a tu proyecto, yo no e logrado ningun trabajo por falta de tiempo, tengo algunas historias en el cajon esperando a ser realizadas, hoy cuento con la posibilidad economica pero me faltan las herramientas, se que tu lo has lo grado con poco dinero, y no me imagino que pueder hacer con un poco mas, yo me enfoco mas en trabajos con actores reales, pero la animacion es algo que tambien me llama la intencion, espero que te pueda contactar y platicar en que nos podemos ayudar. suerte y exito.

    • Jose, me alegro mucho que te haya gustado. El tiempo siempre falta. Hay que saber hacérselo, y también entender que van a venir hartos sacrificios con cualquier proyecto que quieras hacer. Lo importante, más allá de las herramientas, es simplemente realizar el proyecto. Y después otro y otro. Las herramientas y la perfección van a llegar con el tiempo.

  2. Muy bueno simplemente genial te felicito de verdad, uno de los mejores trabajos que he visto y no solo nacional, que herramientas usas y cuales son las especificaciones del pc para el render.
    bueno me despido solo con buenas criticas y adelante en este magnifico proyecto.

  3. Felicitaciones por tan buen corto, lo encontre genial, y pensar que se puede hacer desde la casa con pocas lucas… siempre pienso que estas cosas se hacen en otro continente, exito y sigue asi

    Saludos desde Valdivia – Chile

  4. Viejo…. te felicito por tu trabajo…. realmente es excelente saber que hay personas que se toman muy en serio su trabajo. Lamentablemente hoy por hoy, Chile tenia 2 animaciones, Papelucho que al parecer la trabajaron en un 386 por la cantidad de lag que tenia y la ordinaries de Los Pulentos.

    Te felicito compadre y ojala sigan tu ejemplo.

  5. WOW that was amazing, excellent work and very intuitive. CONGRATS!

  6. Excellent work… but What is in the suitcase !!!!
    This is your idea of a cliffhanger ?? Now we need a part 2 :-)

    • Great work – the work you’ve done is simply amazing, moreover so due to your limited funding and as such. To be honest, I had no idea just how much people appreciated PromoBay – kudos to them, as well.

      Steve – As I see it, the contents of the suitcase didn’t have any specific plot element attached. Nevertheless, it’s up to Tomas to do as he wills with the shiny stuff. :)

  7. Tomás, tú trabajo es excelente, te felicito, logras demostrar que el talento esta por sobre los presupuestos, la calidad de render, texturas, animación y diseños es muy superior a mucha “paupérrimas” seriales animadas creadas en Chile (con grandes presupuestos): Diego y Glot, Pulentos, Villa Dulce entre otros.

    Te doy un Consejo: postula con un proyecto al FONDO CNTV, en la categoria de animación, ultimamente la calidad de los trabajos premiados es un chiste, tú puedes sacarle más provecho a ese dinero, suerte!!.

  8. Felicitaciones Tomas, estoy gratamente sorprendido por tu trabajo, es muy, muy bueno, (color, textura, dirección) ojala pueda conversar contigo para saber detalles interesantes del corto…

    Saludos y estamos esperando el Make Off…

  9. wow, great job you’ve done. well done

  10. Good Work, If I was a Hollywood Producer I would give a big project.

    Good luck ! I’m pretty sure I will see your name in a hollywood picture movie soon.

  11. your animation is fantastic. Enjoyed watching.

  12. Great work, love the final comp and the camera movement. I’m not to big fan of the animation, the animation looks good and all. Bu it goes from key pose to key pose all the time, and it’s missing arcs and follow trough. You are loosing alot of power in the fighting scene. But if you put it all togheater it’s some great work you have done there.

    • I do agree. Although putting the action sequence aside, everything else follows the principle of animation very well if not exceed in some areas (i.e. the small wiggles when the gun is held towards the end adds a hint of realism which I doubt most people would even take into consideration in most big-budgeted films even).

      The best thing that I really enjoyed was the non-linear sequencing of the shots which is extremely refreshing and very well executed!

      Great Work overall, and kick-ass HQ haha!

  13. Well done awesome work loved it waiting for part 2 . By the way what software did you use ?

  14. Esto es épico, realmente me fascino. Es un gran historia, y lo mejor es que no importa que idioma hable es espectador, ya que no tiene la mínima importancia, ademas de que todo se suple con gestos.

  15. Love this! Excellent work. Even more so when I saw the $700 budget. Seriously?? :) Excellent work, man…I’m very impressed!

  16. Thank you very much for sharing your amazing work with all of us. Could you tell us a little bit more? How did you master CG yourself? What tools did you use to create “The Chase”?

    • Hey, man! I used Maya. I guess I mastered it trough a lot of trial and error, tutorials and getting involved in projects and tight deadlines. It took me about 4 years or so. It can be learned faster though. Like half of that time. I’ve seen it.

  17. i dont know why i think of pulpf fiction when watching this movie….

  18. Nice job!

  19. Didn’t waste my time watching this. Beautiful. Bravo !

  20. Hey Guys,

    What software do you use for the animation and modelling of the characters.???

  21. This is a great short movie . It has a lot of meaning in it!

  22. So good!! :) )

  23. Saw this on Pirate Bay’s homepage. Was going to download from Mediafire but it appears you’ve run out of credits or something. Will download from Vimeo then watch.

  24. Just saw this on PirateBay. Love your work. Hope to see more of it soon.

  25. Very cool…

    I am not prone to watching animated films, but the Chase has me hooked. I can’t wait to hear/see what happens next!

  26. god job like the work,keep it up

  27. Bien hecho! me encantó la animación, los personajes, el grading, todo excelente! tienes mucho potencial! saludos desde México

  28. well done, that was amazing!

  29. Great work! awesome effect

  30. This is a great independent animation movie i have ever seen, background score is amazing kudos to your composer,visuals are stunning you are quite a inspiration to budding filmmakers anyway i would like to know what’s in that case and also brief me the story line if possible

  31. Congratulations! That was a lot of hard work, but I think it paid off. Great job and best of luck.

  32. Really nice! i hope there will be more things like this, really enjoyed watching!

    PS ThePirateBay bought me here

  33. Very very awesome. I was excited throughout the whole thing!

  34. Great animated movie!! Loved every bit of it! Look forward to seeing more from you!

  35. Cheers from Uruguay!

    Great job man!, Congratulations!

  36. Interesting. I’m not sure whether it was too vivid.

  37. Hey, great work, man!

  38. lol I visit Piratebay daily just to see what they are promoting :)

  39. I enjoyed it so much! Congratilations!

  40. the physics are awesome
    the running sucks
    the unfolding of action is very predictable
    ridiculous fights

    • Finaly someone that agree with me.
      Many people is so blinded by some nice renders and effects. And I can’t realy blame them, it looks nice.
      But the animation are missing many of the animation principles trough the movie that makes it loose some life.
      But with the timeframe in mind, it’s realy good.

  41. Seriously… seek a job in an animation company… you’re awesome!

  42. Excellent work guys! :)

  43. amazing short, dude! you got some talent going here.

  44. I liked the short! But your “headquarters” is awesome!

  45. Hi, I liked your video and would like to tell you that it does not look like amateur work. Of course, some points should be improved but at the amateur level you stood out very well and so I think this should be explored more for a given day somebody will call for an animation company. Hard work brings rare opportunities.

  46. buena onda, pero no me dan ganas de verlo, estoy harto de los cortos de persecusiones, chido

  47. Wow! This is amazing!!!

  48. Great job! It looks really beautiful and professional. I’m doing my best to learn 3d modeling to get into the game design industry at the moment. I hope you write out all the info that you mentioned and your steps to leaning all this. I’d be really interested to hear your experience.

  49. Almost too good. I loved every part of it.

  50. Dude, you did an fantastic job! I was watching and enjoying every second of it. It can’t be a short film there need to be a part 2 some day. The suitcase, what’s in it? Does the ring the man carry’s has anything to do with it? I’m really impressed with this. It looks great. Again; fantastic job. Hope to see your name someday on some hollywood animation movie’s. Damn.

  51. This was awesome! Perfect inspiration for me, I’ve just been getting more deeply into 3d design lately, except I’ve been working in Cinema4D. I applaud you for the characters – the faces are loaded with personality, and the flesh on the characters is REALLY well done. Again, inspiring. I understand how much work must have gone into this so I thank you for all of your effort for those few minutes of awesomeness, I really hope it pays off for you!

  52. i really like what you did but i hope thee more to do all the same is great work done

  53. Reminded me of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction

  54. EXCELLENT ANIMATION SHORT Tomas! Especially considering your budget and available manpower.
    Great characters and a top notch score. I must agree with Lund and han that arcs and follow through is lacking, esp. in the fights and running sequences. Next time give a little more attention to these and your film will be bulletproof.

    My only other critique, and it is by no means a deal breaker, is this: The Title.
    Wouldn’t THE HEIST have been more apropos, considering the story line?

    Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Looking forward to more. Aloha from Hawaii!

  55. i would like to share ur video on my facebook wall, is it ok…? would love to share your work with my friends…

  56. Nice short! I’m no animation expert, but I enjoyed watching it very much! Makes me want to see more, and see how the boy develops, what organization the suit represented, and what was in that case.

  57. Great Work!! The film worth your effort and dedication.. It is quite interesting to get to know your hard work and dedication!! Watching an action thriller that is of 13 mins, is really great.. Till the last moment, i was hooked up to this.. Though plot was little predictable towards the end, still it was better interesting and amazing than most of the fat-budgeted, lavishly money spent Hollywood animated movies.. All the best for your next project and better career!! :)

  58. Really nice done it took 13 min of my life time but it was worth of it !

  59. Great film.

    Ugly as hell main character. Wanted him to die sooo bad. Freaking ugly bag of crap

  60. great!!!
    great story…great “looks”…
    1 thing that need to be improved is the animation..
    but after all,it IS a great short animation :)

  61. Sorry, but does nobody see the irony in your being promoted by TPB and there not being a torrent available?

  62. good graphics, dumb ordinary story. nothing special, use your imagination.

  63. Really this is incredible, this short movie is way better than allot of big budget movies, i think you should do a full feature and sell it, you can be a millionaire

  64. Great work, keep it up.
    It feels like there is so much of the story left behind. What was in the suitcase? Who gives orders to the boy? Why did the villian not kill him if he could? Lots of questions I hope to see answered someday.
    Are you going to do a kind of sequel or prequel?

  65. Got here through promo bay xDDDDDD

    Amazing work man. Congratz!

  66. That was excellent! Well done on a truly stunning piece of work!


    It makes me real happy that you loved the film so much. Seriously. I’m going to deliver more interesting stuff in the future. This is just the beginning

  68. wn simplemente genial, realmente tu (digo vuestros pq son un equipo) nivel creativo y artistico es muy alto para ser una animacion “casera” , realmente sacale provecho a ese equipo y a tu creatividad, y si salio esto en TPB es pq tu tb crees que la informacion , el arte , etc y todo lo que suele ser pago, debiese ser para todos. y gratis. putas un abrazo y la mejor de la suertes, seguro tus cortos pueden ser la voz de los menos.


  69. Muito bom o seu trabalho, e é ainda mais interessante a forma como você optou por divulga-lo: pelo TPB.
    Mostra que a arte é uma forma de expressão, e não uma mercadoria, como veem as grandes indústrias que são amparadas pelo governo.
    Ah claro, e muito obrigado pelas dicas de como iniciar e proceder em um trabalho de animação e curta metragem.
    Parabéns, saudações do Brasil.

  70. I’m not gonna mention any movie names here, but your work would put a lot of feature releases from professional studios with budgets to shame, excellent work!!!! For a solo project without a budget this blows a lot of worko out of the water, I really hope you grow even more and ofcourse financially as well, congratulations!!!

  71. This is a really great film considering your endeavors and background. Great start to what I hope is a fruitful future for you. I hope this helps open doors into professional work.

  72. Oh god! That film is much better than those hollywood crap! Way to go! I would be 1. in line to see full movie in cinema :)

  73. This film is really amazing. I can’t even imagine the amount of work that has been put into creating it. Truly a great achievement. Good work!

  74. Muy bueno tu corto, felicitaciones!!!!

  75. just saw this on TPB. great work.

  76. wena loco vi tu video por thepiratebay y no me crei que eras chileno tus efectos son buenisimos y la historia esta re buena te felicito loco de verdad que me entretuve caleta viendo el clip lo hiciste solo? yap chao te deseo lo mejor bro


  78. El maletín es el mismo que el de Pulp Fiction?

    Excelente trabajo, me gusto mucho el corto. Felicidades.

  79. Very nice! Love it.

  80. Awesome! I’d love to see a full length feature one day of this. Or just more shorts like this either way. Nicely done for for a first time or not.

  81. [...] Watch “The Chase” here. [...]

  82. Love the work dude!

  83. awesome … amazing work dude! tpb led me here!

  84. Hola Tomas:
    Luego de haber disfrutado de tu maravilloso proyecto no queria dejar pasar la oportunidad de felicitarte por tan memorable corto, ya lo tengo en mi HD en alta definicion y esta espectacular, gente como Tu son un orgullo Latinoamericano !!.
    Se que estas casi a punto de llegar por aqui por Los Angeles para ir directo a Hollywood. Aqui te van a dar las herramientas y el billete que puede financiarte una pelicula de alto nivel.Manten tu camino y sientete un verdadero creativo, es lo que eres.Con respecto a The Chase queria decirte que lograste muy bien los tiempos de silencio y tension del final…(cosa dificil de hacerlo bien en animacion) y el producto final es fantastico.Si algun dia viajas para LA ojala pueda conocerte en persona, seria un honor.Suerte y mas suerte!! Axel Lake Forest,CA US

  85. I am very impressed by this animation.

    The physics/mecanics are really astounding, the sounds are really professionnal quality and the facial expressions are great.

    The body animations are a bit stiff though.

    Good job

    Mucha suerte para tus futuros proyectos

    (hoping my spanish is correct ;p)

    Pascal, From France

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