The Chase – Headquarters III

14 comments on “The Chase – Headquarters III

  1. que nice la wea.

  2. Felicitaciones !!! mis mas sinceras felicitaciones que tengas una carrera llena de exitos un saludo.

  3. En un lugar como ese es imposible no dejar fluir la creatividad al máximo.

  4. Working in such a beautiful place, i’m no longer surprised of the amazing quality of your art. Kep amazing the world dude!

  5. Great just great:D your talented! thank you TPB for promoting this!!

    keep it upp!

  6. This is talent !!! Thanks, dude!!!

  7. i would love to live in a place like this, even for six months! (:

  8. Wow !
    You could rent this place when you´re not using it, you know!

    Thanks for the free film

  9. thks, man the movie was great… can’t wait to see your documentation

  10. [...] m-a inspirat enorm. Acesta a fost un început bun.“ Tomas Vergara – cabana 1 cabana 2 cabana 3 . In dreapta sus, (pe fiecare pagina) gasiti un buton pentru donatii prin paypal – nu ezitati [...]

  11. this is Great Man u Inspire me to make a animated film.

  12. Maaaaaaan!
    Is there any chance you ever think about having a room mate??!
    I’ll be sooo glad to be there, this place seems like Heaven to me!!

  13. Hey man. Great work. Good inspiration indeed.
    I’ll try to donate a lil later.

    Can I ask you how you found such a nice place?
    Where did you look for these wooden cabins?

    Did it cost much?

  14. Super man ! congratulations !

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