Scenario – From rough Sketch to Final Image

If you are not as good at sketching as Mauro and, like me, you probably suck; you could always give a try to my little solution.

6 comments on “Scenario – From rough Sketch to Final Image

  1. Good job man!, you’re hired.!

  2. thanks man, I”m glad you liked it

  3. Tomas, this is really excellent work – very impressive and all on a tight budget. Can I ask you a couple of questions? (1) what software did you decide to use for this project (2) how long did it take you to learn it and (3) which 3D application would you recommend for someone just starting off and trying to learn 3D (I use a Mac). Thanks in advance, and wish you every success for the future!

    • Maya! limitless tutorials on the internet on it. It takes a little while, took me about a year or two to start making some descent stuff. But way more important than the software are the concepts, and mostly, having a clear vision of what you want.

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