The Chase – Headquarters

Since my budget was all my savings, and they were very little, I couldn’t afford to live in the big city for six months working full time on my project. Instead, I decided to go 780km to the south side, in the country of a small and beautiful place called Pucón. When its not summer, it’s much cheaper to live there. To my surprise, the place I was to stay isolated for the next 6 months was incredibly inspiring. That was a good start.

17 comments on “The Chase – Headquarters

  1. [...] I left my full time job in advertising to produce The Chase, my first personal project, completed here in isolation in a time period of six [...]

  2. You did a really good job on “The Chase.” It’s hard to believe it’s not a big budget film. What is really more impressive is that you quit your job and made the necessary sacrifices to follow your dreams. That is AMAZING! I’m sure this project will open up new doors for you. It’s truly inspiring and I’ve shared it on Facebook for you!

    Great job!

  3. Amazing …. greetings from Chile.

  4. I was really impressed by this work.
    And I hope you do more and longer film as this one.
    Why not make the hole movie The Chase?
    Good luck man!

  5. You deserve greater recognition. Don’t ever stop following your dream!

  6. You made really a great film and I was please to send you money. You really deserve it (and I am pleased to give it to an artist and not somebody who will not use it to improve censorship like the film industry)

    I hope you are at the starting point of a great career
    Greeting from the other side of the world (Europe)

  7. [...] Vergara liess im vergangenen Jahr seinen Vollzeit-Job in der Werbe-Branche sausen, um in einer abgelegenen Waldhütte sein erstes Privat-Projekt zu stemmen. Die Produktion des beinahe ‘abendfüllend’ [...]

  8. [...] 6 luni m-a inspirat enorm. Acesta a fost un început bun.“ Tomas Vergara – cabana 1 cabana 2 cabana 3 . In dreapta sus, (pe fiecare pagina) gasiti un buton pentru donatii prin paypal – [...]

  9. hi buddy you did and amazing job with the short film, you should make the whole movie, im really impressed with your talent, i really like your project and i can’t wait too see what the rest of the movie would be like, and seriously wish you the best, two thumbs up for the project and how you left your job to follow your dream that’s just amazing not everybody follows their real dreams for one reason or another, it is very inspiring what you are doing leaving everything to follow your dream.

    Greeting’s and wish you the best in your career! TWO THUMBS WAY UP FOR YOUR FILM!!!!!

  10. Your home is beautiful screaming, I’m sure you will quickly become a millionaire, but never do you go to this beautiful place

  11. That’s just amazing brother, I think many companies would be glad if you apply for a job, sending the film alone would do that job, Greets from Bahrain.

  12. you got some balls bro hats off to you thats passion I would never have the balls to just leave everything i know to create animation although i love it its not everything in my life anymore. After a long stressful life as a 3d artist my mind cracked and I experienced something called depersonalization /derealization It was as if someone had unplugged me from the matirx I saw the world and time change in front of me I became very lightheaded and dizzy constantly in life and everynight I had terrible dreams . I am now doing a lot better but it has taken 2 years and lots of rehab So I guess I would say be careful adding too much stress to your life because too much stress can be very bad in the long run live your life get out there and experience things besides 3d because sitting in front of a computer all day is just not natural.Great job on the lighting and texturing by the way and hopefully you achieve your goals in life cheers.

  13. [...] A couple days ago, I wondered what had happened to Rustboy, and in the process found an interview with Rustboy’s creator, Brian Taylor. I was a little discouraged, as Taylor seemed to believe that taking on a solo computer animation project like this is foolish. Then I find something like The Chase, and it stands proudly defiant of that opinion. (Not to mention his blog has some pretty great bits of information about the project. Tomas actually worked on the project in an isolated cabin in the woods.) [...]

  14. Очень здорово!молодец!

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