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Scenario – Rooftop


Grading and After Effects

Very briefly, here’s what I do from the 3d program to the final frame in After Effects. Cool stuff.     .


The Chase – Headquarters

Since my budget was all my savings, and they were very little, I couldn’t afford to live in the big city for six months working full time on my project. Instead, I decided to go 780km to the south side, in the country of a small and beautiful place called Pucón. When its not summer, it’s much cheaper to live there. To my surprise, the place I was to stay isolated for the next 6 months was incredibly inspiring. That was a good start.

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Characters – Concept to CGI 2



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Characters – Concept to CGI 1


The Chase – Character Concept Art

These are the 4 characters featured in The Chase. All of them were designed by Mauricio Galvez, the greatest artist I’ve ever met.


The Bad Guy


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The Chase – An Animated Action Short Film

So, we are almost there. After So many months of work, my first animated short film feels so close to the finish line.

The Chase is a 3d animated 13 min.  action short film.

I intend to use this platform to share some insight in the making of this movie. Hopefully you will be entertained, or it might inspire you to make your own stuff. Who knows. Its actually pretty cool stuff.


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