The Chase – Music Video Clip

Just made a Video Clip from the short. Looks fucking awesome. Worth checking out guys.

The Chase – UPDATE

Hey guys First, I wanted to tell you that I’m very sorry I haven’t been able to post anything else on the Making Of series. It will take me longer that I thought, but it will get done. The other news is that there’s been interest from Hollywood. Seems like all the effort is paying […]

Making Of – Inspiration

Call it an idea, story, concept. How you name it isn’t that relevant after all. The important thing is that you got it clear. To get there, there’s a few things you might want to know. To start over, you will probably need inspiration such as Books or Films. I’d advice you get LOTS of […]

How to Make an Animated Short Film

By popular demand, I’m writing a “Making Of, from A to Z” series. A lot of people have asked me what’s the path to make a 3D Animated Film. It gets a lot more interesting when you have the desire, but you don’t have the available resources to pay an expensive education. With no prior […]

The Chase – Headquarters III

The Chase – Headquarters II

For better or worse, this place had everything to do with the final product, whatever it is at the end. I’d highly recommend that you try something like this at least once if you are willing to make some kind of project.

Snow in a Summer Cabin

That was a beautiful, inspiring, but very tough day for The Chase production. I really wasn’t expecting that at all.

Grading and After Effects

Very briefly, here’s what I do from the 3d program to the final frame in After Effects. Cool stuff.     .

The Chase – An Animated Action Short Film

So, we are almost there. After So many months of work, my first animated short film feels so close to the finish line. The Chase is a 3d animated 13 min.  action short film. I intend to use this platform to share some insight in the making of this movie. Hopefully you will be entertained, […]


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