The Chase – UPDATE

Hey guys

First, I wanted to tell you that I’m very sorry I haven’t been able to post anything else on the Making Of series. It will take me longer that I thought, but it will get done.

The other news is that there’s been interest from Hollywood. Seems like all the effort is paying off to some degree.

So, I’m developing The Chase as a feature film.

That’s it. Stay tuned!

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11 comments on “The Chase – UPDATE

  1. Excellent news! Glad your hard work is paying off.

  2. Really great news man, we’ll be waiting to see your feature !, is it gonna be animated or live action??

  3. Congrats, you truly deserve it, and i’m looking forward to watch the Chase as a feature film:)

  4. man you rule! i saw your short film a few days ago at piratebay, loved it! then i came to your website, and it was amazing to see your headquarters ahahahah
    its awesome, i it was very inspiring to read about your work and dedication, i myself am an amateur animator and ill certanly try what you did! im Brazilian by the way!
    Good luck to you in your journey! would love to see the entire featuring!
    i have some works of mine at http://ehnoi.deviantart.com/

  5. [...] I wrote last month about a Brazilian animated short called The Chase. I mention it again because I visited its website tonight and read the latest update. This one-man project has been amazingly successful, both in terms of production and attention. So much so, in fact, that the short is being developed into a feature film. [...]

  6. Hello from the FrostClick.com Team.

    We’d like to share your film on the FrostWire welcome screen both for Desktop computers and Android devices all over the world.

    Where can we find information about the license of your film. We found out about it on a post in TorrentFreak, in there it’s mentioned that you were promoted by The Pirate Bay and we’d like to promote you as well completely free of charge.

    Is this film licensed under Creative Commons?
    Please write to kademlia@frostclick.com if you are interested.

  7. I am also interested in knowing the license of the film. Anything but a free Creative Commons license (i.e. attribution or attribution + sharealike) would be sad.

    It would also be especially interesting to know whether you are going to keep the distribution idea when working with studios. If Hollywood is interested, you know it will either lead to closed distribution or nothing at all.

    If Hollywood is interested and you have licensed your film CC:by-sa, then if anyone wants to make a derivative work (i.e. of your screenplay or manuscript) that should itself also be “shared alike” – with a free license.

  8. Iwanted to thank you for thuis wonderful read!!
    I certinly enjoyed every bit off it. I havce youu
    book marked to check out neew things you post…

  9. Hi! Please can u tell me the name of the dubstep playing in the car?? (The Chase)

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