The Chase – Now Online

Finally made it. My short film is now online! Check it out


The Chase – The Promo Bay

On Monday 20 I sent TPB team an email, a shot in the dark. When I had a reply saying that they liked it and I’d have a worldwide display on The Pirate Bay homepage, I pulled off my hair. I think its been a while since I’ve opened my eyes that wide.

Now The Chase is having massive exposure. They gave me the opportunity to be part of this amazing project called The Promo Bay, in which emerging artists and their work are shown to the people. I’m so damn happy. This is the kind of things you were not expecting in life, I guess. And people seem to love the short film. That was unexpected too.

Thank you, TPB


The Chase – Headquarters III


The Chase – Release Date: Feb. 20, 2012

After 8 months of intense work in The Headquarters, rendering in parallel on the very same machine,  usd 700 spent on budget, a lot of tea and oatmeal, imaginary friends, lack of sleep and heat, and an unforgettable experience ; I’m releasing online The Chase on February 20, 2012.


The Chase – Headquarters II

For better or worse, this place had everything to do with the final product, whatever it is at the end. I’d highly recommend that you try something like this at least once if you are willing to make some kind of project.

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Snow in a Summer Cabin

That was a beautiful, inspiring, but very tough day for The Chase production. I really wasn’t expecting that at all.


Scenario – From rough Sketch to Final Image

If you are not as good at sketching as Mauro and, like me, you probably suck; you could always give a try to my little solution.


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